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    Monitoring of Net Short Positions (PNC) on shares listed on Milan Stock Exchange/Borsa Italiana.


    This fintech service helps investors to make informed investment decisions and to identify investment opportunities. In addition to Italian shares, a selection of stocks listed in Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid and London are also monitored and short exposure on the FTSE MIB and DAX indexes is updated.

    Not only technical analysis, newsflow, market movers, historical stock prices, support and resistance levels. Make investment decisions by looking at all available data. Even charts, realtime dashboards and cutting edge market indicators presented by ShortSellingMI.it.

    Service for

    (investing in stocks and indices)

    Continuous support in the choice of Italian stocks on which to invest / disinvest.


    Wealth management. Investment planning and monitoring.

    (Securities Brokerage)

    Capital management. Investment strategies. Data driven algo-trading.

    Understanding the service

    The service, in the fintech domain, was created and designed as a reliable, punctual and precise consultation tool, before making an investment choice, both long and short, on a listed security. The day-by-day evolution of the short positions on listed shares is presented graphically, including a list of the stocks currently most shortened and daily short selling indicator. The primary data source of the service is Consob, public authority responsible for regulating the Italian financial markets, whose website should be referred to for any further information. Just remember here that the bearish positions on a particular listed company are recorded daily, except in the following cases:

    • they are less than 0.5% of the share capital.
    • they are bearish positions opened and closed in the same trading day.

    Use of the service

    This short selling monitoring platform is currently free. We warmly suggest the reading of the following mini e-book to properly understand every service feature.


    All the contents available using the ShortSellingMI.it service are intended for information purposes only and in no way represent advice, suggestions, operational indications or investment solicitations. Any investment decision made on the basis of information from this service is of exclusive responsibility of the user.


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